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Choosing the Right Digital Camera for Kids

Digital cameras and photography can be a great way for kids to learn about technology and expressing their creativity. Depending on the age of the child, you can get them a camera designed for kids or if they're older, you can get them a more adult model. The age of the child and how they intend to use it will help determine the kind of camera you get. The following are some additional factors to keep in mind as you look for a digital camera for your child.

Consider getting a digital camera capable of doing video since you're already shopping. Digital cameras available on the market today will probably have this feature built right in. This function is not so important for little kids but the older ones will appreciate it. Your aspiring videographer may eventually want a video camera but as in introductory tool digital cameras work great. Nowadays videos can be watched on computers, cell phones, iPods etc which exposes kids to this medium early on in life. For this reason video capabilities in a digital camera are a great function to have. The toy section is usually where parents start out looking for kids cameras. Your older children might not Go here like what you can find here, but the younger ones will be thrilled. With the amount of technological exposure your kids get at such young ages it is no surprise they tire easily of toys. One other factor to consider is the price, toys are no longer less expensive than real entry-level cameras. It may please you to know that you can find these entry-level cameras for less than twenty dollars online as well as in discount retail stores. So as you begin shopping consider skipping the toy stage and moving right to adult cameras.

Many parents don't consider getting an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera for their child because they think it will be too advanced. However, an SLR might be your best option if your child is ready to move beyond the cameras made by toy companies.

SLR digital cameras offer several important advantages. The ability to take pictures in dim light without a flash is among those advantages as is the fact that they're durable and easy to use. In short, SLR cameras are made to be simple to use, which makes them ideal digital cameras for kids. Obviously, you don't want to buy an SLR camera for a toddler but an older, more responsible child will get more out of it than a standard digital camera. Digital cameras make great gifts for children. Learning how to take pictures will not only teach them about technology but they'll become more observant of the world around them. The above tips can be useful in choosing the right digital camera for your child. They don't need the most advanced model, though, so remember to keep it simple.

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